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NEW Winter 2019 Collectors Choice Ornaments

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The Eye Dazzler Ornament
By Sarah C. Geis
Item # 6003754
2.25 " Tall

Before the turn of the 19th century, the Navajo switched from making traditional Native American blankets to weaving brilliantly colored tapestries with hand-spun wool that featured fantastic geometric shapes and bold color palettes never before seen. This groundbreaking shift gave birth to what is now known as the Eye Dazzler rug. These weavings not only offered Navajo artisans the chance to express their individual artistry, freedom and ceremonial musings, they also influenced others who drew inspiration from these rich and colorful designs, and incorporated the aesthetic into other mediums, such as Painted Ponies.


Native Dreamer Ornament
By Fabienne Leydecker
Item # 6004262
3 " Tall

Dreams and visions are an important part of Native Americans' spiritual life. From them, strength is drawn to meet challenges, future events are seen and instructions received that are guides to wisdom. Often these communications take the form of dream symbols that find their way into elaborate artistic expressions on pots, baskets, weavings, buffalo skins… and are painted on horses.



NEW Holiday 2019 Ornaments

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Gloria Ornament
By Emily Overman
Item # 6004264
2.6 " Tall

Church bells can be heard ringing softly in the distance. The cold, icy wind picks up. Shimmering gold dust fills the night sky. A beam of light shines down from Heaven. And Gloria appears soaring through the clouds, surrounded by angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest, come, adore the newborn king.”


Holiday Ice Ornament
By Kami Wahl
Item # 6004268
2.6 " Tall

Asked to recall a vivid image from Christmas’s past and to create a unique Painted Pony that captured that memory, the artist responded, “I remember looking out my window on cold winter days and seeing glimmering icicles sparkling in the sunlight. As they melted in the sunshine, drop by drop, I would marvel at the translucent shades of blue and white that the icicles reflected off the freshly fallen snow.” 



Jingle All the Way Ornament
By Lorna Matsuda
Item # 6002914
2.6 " Tall

The beautiful chiming bells on this Pony ring merrily as he trots along, bringing love and warmth and the holiday spirit to the Season. His flowing mane and tail glisten with silver as he shares his beauty with friends and family, a symbol of those special feelings that make the Christmas season so magical.



Sleigh Ride Ornament
By Laurie Cook
Item # 6004266
2.25 " Tall

Muses the artist behind "Sleigh Ride": “If I were Santa, this is how I would deliver my local packages. It’s so much more genteel than sneaking down chimneys in the middle of the night! What better way to bring presents and cheer on Christmas than to glide through the beautiful countryside, watching cardinals flit from tree to tree, the only sound the musical jingle of sleigh bells accompanied by an occasional snort from my horse, whom I shall name Gingerbread?”


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