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Trail of Painted Ponies Offers FREE Signage 

Just as a creative and attractive exterior sign can help a business stand apart from the competition, so can colorful Point of Sale signage help customers locate merchandise and draw attention to a brand or product line inside your store. Signage, in effect, is a type of silent salesperson.

In an effort to support our retailers, The Trail of Painted Ponies has put together a selection of high-res sign images of different sizes and shapes. These can be easily downloaded and added to your Painted Pony display. Or, if you would like, The Trail would be willing to print, laminate and provide backing for a sign for your store FREE OF CHARGE. If the second option interests you, please contact us at: info@paintedponies.com.

Please note that if signage is being mailed outside of the US shipping charges will apply.

The Trail will continue to update and provide fresh signage designs with each new release and at different times of the year.

Happy Trails

Winter 2023 Sign
14" tall x 8.5" wide

Holiday 2023 Sign
14" tall x 8.5" wide

"Storm Rider" Sign
14" tall x 8.5" wide

Painted Ponies Logo Sign
14" wide x 7.22" tall



1. Click on the sign image or sign text above that you would like to print.
2. Save the downloaded sign file to your computer.
3. Choose paper to print your sign on that is the same size as the sign. The sign size is listed below each image. If you choose to have your sign printed through a local printer, be sure to let them know the correct size of the sign.
4. Most printers are not able to print color images to the edge. After your sign is printed, you may trim off the white border, or have your local printer do this for you.
5. We recommend printing on a thicker paper and/or laminating your sign so that it will stand up straight. You may also frame your sign.
6. If your sign is not framed, you should add an easel back or another type of backing so that your sign will stand up on its own.
7. If you have any printing questions, please contact us at: info@paintedponies.com or call: 1 (928) 308-6538.