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Holiday 2023 Collection

People are always looking for new gift-giving traditions at Christmas. Gifting beautifully crafted and hand-painted, Holiday-themed Painted Pony Figurines and Ornaments has become an exciting new tradition, the way giving glass balls, tin trains and cut-and-etched crystal became holiday gift traditions. Every year we come out with completely different and unique Holiday Painted Ponies, accompanied by stocking-stuffer ornaments. Make this season memorable by ordering a Holiday-themed Painted Pony early for the special people in your life.

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10.7" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd Winter Wonderland
by Gina Norman
Item # 6012851

As the powerful Guardian of the North who watches over storms during the winter season, this magnificent white stallion has only one weakness. He loves to frolic in the first snowfall of the year, dancing like a frisky colt and catching, as he twists and turns, as many snowflakes in his mouth as he can.

I started at a very young age. I remember my mother spending hours and hours coloring with me as a small child. I grew up in Wyoming where its winter 9 months out of the year and spent a lot of time inside drawing. I excelled in school with anything that had to do with art. Since school, I have mainly done pencil drawings, sculpting and photography. My mother has been a great inspiration to me. I worked for her when she made yard ornaments. We sculpted small items to life size gargoyles. Horses are my life and always my go to. I have spent many years training, showing, and rodeoing. There is nothing better than horse KISSES!!

Gina Norman


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7.3" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd A Christmas Gathering
by Iana Moczar

Item # 6012846

Who says that Christmas is a special time of year for humans only? How do we know that other species don’t have their own holidays, which they celebrate their own way? How do we know that when Santa Claus delivers presents to boys and girls around the world, he doesn’t take time to bring Christmas cheer to the woodland animals too?

I have been drawing, coloring and customizing for most of my life, and love experimenting with the many different kinds of media out there.

Iana Moczar


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7.2" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd Dance of the Sugar Plum Ponies
by Kelly Gardner
Item # 6012848

Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker ballet, the artist, being a horse lover, always envisioned horse fairies, instead of human ballerinas, dancing across the stage, whenever she heard this piece. In addition to sparking thoughts of a Sugar Plum Painted Pony, she was moved to write a poem that begins:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the stable
The ponies were restless; they were willing and able
To glide like sugar plum fairies through the cold winter’s night
To go prancing and dancing for the children’s delight.
Free from their headstalls they whirled round and round
And exquisitely performed their airs above the ground.

Art is the combination of inspiration and imagination. Once you find that thing that inspires you, it’s time for the imagination to take over, and run with it – my favorite part about being an artist! A feeling, a picture, a song lyric, inspiration is as limitless as the imagination. To create something out of sheer passion and imagination is a truly spiritual experience that can only be transcended by the moment you see someone moved by your art as much as you are.

Kelly Gardner


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7.2" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd Spirit of Christmas Past
by Elizabeth Henderson
Item # 6012850

The “Spirit of Christmas Past” is a fictional character in Charles Dickens’ novella, "A Christmas Carol." It is one of the three ghosts who appear in the miser Ebenezer Scrooge’s bedchamber to show him what his greed has cost him. Each ghost represents a different time in Scrooge’s life, and the Spirit of Christmas Past - identified by its simple white tunic and lustrous belt, a branch of winter holly under one arm and a candle extinguisher under another - appears to remind Scrooge that the simple things in life like love, friendship and laughter hold value.

I have a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and have enjoyed playing around with all sorts of artistic media for my entire life. My favorite subject has always been the natural world, and horses in particular hold a special place in my heart.

Elizabeth Henderson


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7.1" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd Holiday Patchwork Pony
by Janet Snyder

Item # 6012849

Crazy quilting began in the Colonial Times as a way to save money. Originally there was no pattern, no planning, shape or arrangement. Scraps of antique fabrics such as velvets, silks, satins and brocades, often embellished with items such as lace, jewelry, beads and embroidery, were stitched together to intentionally create a look of artistic disorder. Today they are valued as works of art that are reminders of our heritage… and prized as unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas presents.

Janet Snyder attended the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, where she majored in painting and minored in drawing. Janet is now a graphic designer for a big ten University in Illinois where she designs a variety of materials and web graphics.

Janet Snyder


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9.1" Tall

asdfasdfasdfasfasfd Christmas Wonder
by Emily Overman
Item # 6012847

The ground is caked with snow, and stars sparkle like diamonds in the night sky. All but snoring, a little town sleeps soundly below. Then, in the distance but getting closer, traveling fast in a race against the sunrise, a stunningly beautiful, galloping white horse appears, leaving tracks of stardust in her trail, and letting all who believe know that the magic of Christmas morning is not far behind.

Art is an outlet I use to express the inspiration and beauty that I find in God’s creation. I have loved to draw since a very young age, and I enjoy working with both digital and traditional media. I am a recent college graduate with a BFA in graphic design. My primary interest as an artist is in illustration. My work often reflects my love for nature and fantasy, and I aspire to bring a bit of whimsy and joy to those who view it.

Emily Overman

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The Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments are perfect for holidays and everyday. Charming as a single ornament or as an entire collection, these ornaments will make every day a celebration.

Snow Queen Ornament
Winter Wonderland Ornament
3.2" Tall
Item # 6012856

O Holy Night Ornament
Dance of the Sugar Plum Ponies Ornament

2.5" Tall
Item # 6012853

Vintage Greetings Ornament

Spirit of Christmas Past Ornament

2.7" Tall
Item # 6012855

Crimson Joy Ornament

Holiday Patchwork Pony Ornament

2.5" Tall
Item # 6012854

Vintage Greetings Ornament

Christmas Wonder Ornament

3.2 " Tall
Item # 6012852


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