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TOP TIPS to Help Fine Retailers Boost Sales of The Trail of Painted Ponies Merchandise

  1. Create an eye-catching point-of-purchase display with Painted Ponies signage and a collection of Painted Ponies figurines and ornaments. Cluster your Painted Ponies inventory, so one product can cross-merchandise another. For FREE Signage, Click Here >
  2.  Create a unique display for Painted Ponies. Some retailers exhibit them in display units with mirror backing, others set them on bales of hay.
  3. Position the Painted Ponies prominently in the store. Location, location, location.
  4. Make sure your staff is properly prepared with information on The Trail of Painted Ponies so they know the story behind the artwork and can answer questions. The more you can tell, the better you can sell.
  5. Prominently display a list of the staff’s favorite Painted Ponies, with an explanation.
  6. Collect contact information on all your customers and use it to follow up with periodic offers and reminders. Put out a sign-up sheet for people who want to be informed of the next release of Painted Ponies figurines, or other Painted Ponies merchandise. Better yet, have your cashier ask each buyer of a Painted Ponies product if they would like to be put on a special list reminding them of new releases. It’s easier and less expensive to get additional business from satisfied customers than to find new ones.
  7. Hold a New Release Party when you first receive new sets of figurines.
  8. Offer a Collector’s Special: Provide each person who buys a set of figurines with one free from the next release.
  9. Suggest certain Painted Ponies to local clubs as awards.
  10. Conduct a Pony-a-Month drawing. Put the name of each person who buys a figurine in a box, and at the end of the month pick a winner who will receive a choice of a free figurine.
  11. Give a certificate (so they must come to your store to collect the prize) for a Painted Ponies figurine to a local charity. Selfless promotions are a good idea all around. In addition to supporting the community, they can give you a return in publicity and maybe even a list of members if mailings are part of your promotional activities.
  12. Send a press release about Painted Ponies to local equestrian groups and offer specials to select groups.
  13. Offer collectors a Care and Feeding Information Sheet for their collection of Painted Ponies figurines, suggesting they be dusted regularly with a damp cloth, and kept out of sunlight. Invite collectors to submit pictures of their collector for display at your checkout counters.
  14. Incorporate The Trail of Painted Ponies boxes in your retail display. They make handsome backdrops and pedestals, and they continually promote the brand name.
  15. Encourage your collectors to collector what they love. Stress the importance of collecting, of developing a complete collection, and encouraging young people to begin collections of things they love.
  16. Create a monthly newsletter of email club through your store.
  17. Post profiles of Official Painted Ponies Artists and figurines on your social media and feature an Artist of the Month. Information can be downloaded from The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Website – www.paintedponies.com
  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You can’t say it enough. Thank your customers for their purchase. Let them know you appreciate their support of the Arts and The Trail of Painted Ponies. You may even want to send follow-up notes. We are building a sense of family with The Trail of Painted Ponies and retailers are key to a familial feeling.

It’s a known fact the extra touch, the extra caring makes for the marketing magic that will lead to new business, customer retention and bottom-line growth.

In closing, if you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to add, if you have developed personal sales strategies you think would be helpful to other fine retailers, we would like to hear from you. We will pass these tips to others.

Happy Trails and Prosperous Paths,

The Trail of Painted Ponies